All in the family
25 June 2024

KUALA LUMPUR (May 26): Seafood vendors Datuk Wong Keong Fook and his wife Datin Kok Yoke Sim worked morning till night, supplying fresh catch to restaurants and hotels. They were the first to bring in different types of live seafood and place them in tanks near the entrance of eateries, so that diners can see and select what they like, ensuring variety and freshness. Instead of waiting for supply orders and to reduce wastage, they set up Unique Seafood to sell their own stock daily. There are now four outlets under their group, the latest being Atlantic Seafood Restaurant, a partnership with Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. The Wong family has grown too, and three of the five children are in the business. What plans do Alex, in charge of operations, and Abby for sales and marketing have to take the company further?